The Illusion of American Democracy

The founding documents of the United States were unprecedented at the time and laid the groundwork for a system of checks and balances with some semblance of power distribution to some citizens of means. In the early years of the US—women, certain ethnic minorities, the poor, and the Native populations were largely disenfranchised and had little to no voice in government. Then in 1913, after a long battle on who would issue the money supply, the US Senate voted to adopt the Federal Reserve System.

The beneficiaries of this system were European bankers who convinced the Congress to hand over the US economy to these foreign financial elite. These events were the beginning of a process that has led to the US becoming a de facto vassal state of Israel with the US presidency becoming a viceroy office. So while more and more US citizens were able to vote—the nation actually moved further away from democracy.

Politically, the citizens of the US are more divided than ever. The main divisions are represented by a ‘social democratic’ left that seeks to bring back the “New Deal” policies of the Roosevelt era and adopt a more Scandinavian model of governance complete with government healthcare for all and a high minimum wage. Then there is a rising fanatical left faction touting a Neo-Marxist ‘social justice’ ideology that views the Caucasian male as innately racist, toxic, homophobic, and deserving of discrimination. This ideology is of Zionist origin and is indoctined in many major universities since the 1960s.

On the other side of the aisle are the Republican voters who are increasingly despised by much of the political left. They generally seek less government intervention into people’s everyday lives, lower taxes, the preservation of traditional values and upholding Constitutional laws and protections. A small percentage of Republican voters tend to be somewhat radicalized, but for the most part the right tends to be more open to discussion than the left. 

But the political ‘left’ and ‘right’ in America rarely have any common ground and remain sharply divided. The last faction is a minority of people who have largely rejected the left/right paradigm and tend to think more independently. These people now face increasing censorship from Big Tech and are often dismissed or demonized by the ‘left’ and some of the ‘right’ as crazed non-conformists or conspiracy theorists. My biggest worry about American democracy is the significant number of Americans who remain oblivious to sociopolitical reality and actually still believe democracy is a functioning reality.

On average, more and more Americans believe the US is either an increasingly dysfunctional democracy or not a democracy at all. Many on the ‘right’ believe that the presidential elections of 2020 were manipulated and there is some evidence to suggest this may be true. I think Donald Trump was placed into the White House in 2017 to radicalize the ‘left’ so that the pendulum would swing back hard to leftist policies in 2021. Whether or not this is true—it’s crystal clear that the major election systems in the United States are controlled by the same elite that run all major institutions that include government, major media, education, medicine, entertainment, and so on. The illusion of democracy is simply a psychological operation.

Political divisions in the US and many other countries are planned, implemented, and nourished. The more the elite can get the common masses to fight each other over ideological differences, the easier the globalist one world government agenda will advance. This concept of ‘divide and conquer’ can be traced back in history to at least the Roman Empire. Today, people who still subscribe to the left/right paradigm are clinging tighter to their side of the divide while despising their opposing side with ever more ire. The good news is, an increasing amount of people are disengaging from the left/right paradigm and looking for more realistic solutions to societal problems.

I wouldn’t describe current US President Joe Biden as a populist—he’s clearly establishment and globalist, but almost all left leaning voters will support him at least as an ‘anti-Trump.’ On the ‘left’ I would consider Bernie Sanders to be a populist but I don’t believe he would be given a chance. I would consider Trump to be a populist—he was quite popular with ‘right’ leaning voters at least through most of his term despite his personal flaws.

The pattern in place seems to be the ‘election’ of an obviously establishment president with an occasional ‘populist’ mixed in once in a while. But at the end of the day, all US presidents are establishment puppets of the Zionist one world order that is being implemented. My biggest concern about the West is their burning desire to absorb the last few independent nations and the potential for growing tensions between the West and China and Russia. We’ll see how this plays out.


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