About ICDT

“Iranian Council for Defending the Truth” is a center for high-profile thinkers with genuine points of view, but not always the most propagated ones. In the shadow of widespread propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran, ICDT seeks to broadcast an impartial picture about Iranian perspective on different strategic issues.

Given to notable academic and policy making backgrounds, ICDT benefits from a wide board of researchers with high-profile academic, political, cultural and military figures based on mutual visions. In this respect, ICDT bridges its relations with lots of academic centers and policy-making groups as well as those who have a say in governmental and non-governmental gatherings both in Iran and across the globe. Researchers in ICDT consider political war zones in terms of hybrid warfare consisting clashes of minds and guns; in this respect, making a network of genuine thinkers is urgent. “Iranian Council for Defending the Truth” keeps itself non-profit to guarantee its authenticity.

We, in ICDT, try to explain Iranian logic with its essence of counter-hegemony, but we think that we are in the dawn of a new generation of cosmopolitanism. We believe that in “Truth Decay” era, if there won’t be a center to rationale Iranian perspective with its Islamic and Iranian identities, the result would be a widespread misunderstanding about Iranian attitudes.