Behind US Scenario to Create a Political and Military Quagmire in Ukraine

The United States, its media, its politicians, and its military industrial complex desperately want Ukraine to turn into a political and military quagmire of civil war, so that the Western military industrial complex can constantly provide weapons in an endless war–similar to Vietnam or the Afghanistan theaters. For that reason the west is constantly trying to prolong the conflict and animate it with propaganda pretending that the Ukrainian people are engaged in freedom fighting and an existential struggle for life or death, and attract volunteers from all around the world and fight against Russia. 

Russia recognizes this strategy to create a quagmire and is able to defend against it, since this same strategy was attempted in Syria by the U.S., Israel, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Russia is therefore moving quickly to checkmate overthrow the Nazi regime of the Ukrainian government pacify the Ukrainian military leadership into forming an armistice agreement, and enable Russia to quickly exit Ukraine after securing political and military guarantees of nonaggression against Russia and the independent republics of Donetsk Lugansk and Crimea.

Victoria Nuland famously said the United States and spent $5 billion over throwing the Ukrainian government and planting a US puppet regime. This investment the U.S. desperately desires to maintain and not lose.  In addition, other investments that have been made by the West into Ukraine include chemical and biological weapons factories (26 so far) that were planted in Ukraine in violation of Article I and III of the global chemical weapons agreement and international law. 

Russia has subsequently reacted by filing a case to the United Nations Security Council under Article 6, demanding an investigation of these biological weapons facilities as a violation of international law and crimes against humanity. Essentially, the United States is looking to replicate in Ukraine what it previously did in Fort Dietrich in Maryland and the Wuhan Laboratory in China by its creation of the Covid-19 virus with the assistance of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the American Centers for Disease Control has become a kind of “Pandora’s Box” that the West has sought to unleash against the people of Russia using their DNA and genetic code as the target.  

The miscalculation of the United States is that it believes the American people believe and accept without question the propaganda of the British and American Media (which is controlled by corporations and pharmaceutical companies). They do not.  In fact the people of the West overwhelmingly distrust and despise their own media for the lies and propaganda that it has been radiating like poisonous fallout from a nuclear blast since the 9-11 false flag terror attacks.  

Additionally, the people of Ukraine have natural sentiments that are inclining them towards seeking a regime change in their own country in order to secure security and prosperity—which Russia will guarantee. History shows without challenge that, despite its promises and fantasies, the United States has achieved only chaos, death, destruction, and madness in all of the countries that it has carried its military industrial complex subjugation upon. Whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, or Yemen, the United States has ruined the lives of millions of people in these countries and descended them into Civil Wars never before seen in the history of humanity. 

The United States has no friends only vassal states and slave colonies, and any nations or politicians that refuse to submit and surrender to the American agenda of full spectrum dominance (as stated in its national security strategy) ends up dead or overthrown in a color of evolution. This is a form of political extortion that the United States has perfected and clothed in the deceit and propaganda of liberty human rights and global democracy which is not in fact it is a form of neuron conquest enslavement and cannibalization of the nations that refused to serve as vassals in the American empire.

We have seen that the Americans have not been a reliable partner even for their allies in recent years. Americans have not only paid attention to their allies’ concerns but also in many cases, they have been betraying their allies, for example, look at their behavior towards Ashraf Ghani, Turkey, Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. media and Washington political establishment has been unified in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an act of war and in lauding the Ukrainian resistance. However censored reports from the Donbass in Eastern Ukraine, however, make clear that the war actually began eight years ago when Ukraine’s legitimate government was overthrown in a U.S. orchestrated coup d’état (known as the Maidan revolution) led by international war criminals working in the U.S. State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, the British MI6, and Israeli Mossad.  These people included Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsay Graham, Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan, billionaire George Soros and his Non-Governmental Organizations, Secretary of State John Kerry, and of course President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden. 

The far right puppet regime that was inserted into Ukraine to serve as a vassal state and ultimately a weapons and military operation against Russia launched the war by immediately trying to outlaw Russian language and culture in all areas of Ukraine. As a result of this political and social genocide, the people of the Crimean, Donetsk and Luhansk provinces voted to secede and return to Russia.  Immediately the Ukrainian government, at the instruction of the United States, the United Kingdom, and NATO countries, began its brutal crackdown and guerilla war against the people of these breakaway regions, and bloodshed, destruction, death and terror has been occurring ever since—ironically in a false claim to continue the expansion of Democracy in Ukraine. The world now knows this was a lie.


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