Cognitive Warfare: From Control to Influence in the Age of Information

Alex Jones had it right when he adopted “InforWars” as his motto, because those who control the follow of information shape our beliefs, where we act on our beliefs to accomplish our goals. So if you can control the information a population receives and thereby manage their beliefs, you have the means to control their behavior, even when they are calling for actions that are harmful to oneself, such as is the case with these vaccines, which are causing death and damage on an unprecedented scale.

In response to the important question which asks about which countries have been more successful in cognitive warfare, I would say those with the greatest control of the mainstream media and ability to censor and suppress alternative media, which occurs using the Social Media giants–Facebook, twitter, YouTube and more–to remove accounts, delete videos and remove tweets, where I myself was blocked from my own Facebook page years ago, 100s of my videos have been taken down from YouTube and my twitter account vanished with no warning; one day it was there, the next day not, with no notice, warning, or explanation!

Some experts believe that the role of cognitive in hybrid warfare is more decisive than other dimensions, if not less, and in fact, it can determine the victory or defeat of a nation. The use of the “Voice of God” technology appears to have led thousands of Iraqi soldiers to surrender after having been induced with the transmitted message, “Resistance is futile. You will did if you do not surrender!” which led to mass surrender.

That was long ago, where the state of technology today is no doubt far more advanced–and all of this is in addition to the conventional propaganda disseminated by mainstream media. If most of a population holds false beliefs, they care not that a few are not taken in, because they are–almost invariably–unable to make a difference, in spite of knowing the truth.

To deal with cognitive warfare, the First Amendment, which most nations do not enjoy, promotes free exchange of thoughts and ideas, where (as the great British philosopher Sir Karl Popper, has observed) rational debate, argument and exchange are indispensable to the discovery of truth. The more censorship and suppression of divergent points of view, the less likely will be the prospects for the public to learn the truth. Unfettered exchange of diverse opinions holds the key to freedom and liberty, which is why it has been reined in.

Indeed, we confront an unprecedented monopoly of the media, where the Rothschilds own both the AP and Reuters and the mainstream is controlled by Zionists (where I have panels of 100 executives from CNN, another 100 from NBC, and 100 more from The New York Times are all dual US/Israeli citizens).

The Rothscilds take credit for the founding of Israel, where Israel dominates the US Congress through AIPAC, which is the most powerful lobby in Washington. It even turns out that Klaus Schwb, founder and director of the World Economic Forum, is himself a Rothschild. We are in a desperate plight, where absent the restoration of responsible governments, especially in the US, the future appears bleak, indeed.  


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