Western Democracy: As an Excuse to Advance the One World Government Agenda

The US and its close allies like the UK employ the terms democracy and human rights as an excuse to advance the one world government agenda. It has nothing to do with commoner government or human rights. In fact it is the opposite. The globalist agenda includes mind-control, mass depopulation, and technocratic surveillance and lockdown. Most nations in the world today are corrupted enough to at least tacitly go along with this agenda. The few nations that show any resistance are either demonized in the media, sanctioned, infiltrated sometimes with targeted assassinations, or outright invaded and absorbed into the emerging one world system.

The globalist goal is a sharply depopulated one world technocratic government based in Jerusalem. China and Russia understand this and are willing to cooperate to some extent—but their leaders also desire a large seat at the table of any one world government that emerges. The Zionist/US/EU bloc would like to reduce the Chinese and Russian slices of the world pie as much as possible. Iran seems much less interested in a one world government and because of this is considered a rogue state by the West and is routinely harassed and threatened.

The Zionist media in the US consistently feed the American public the notion that Iran is the biggest threat to the US, Israel, democracy, and world peace. This globalist one world government agenda is run by highly-organized and powerful psychopathic criminals — all resistance to this agenda by any faction or nation state is routinely demonized and targeted for eventual intervention.  

Biden’s summit for democracy has sparked controversy. Many scholars believe that what the American people need the most right now is not a summit on democracy, but a resolution of their domestic problems. Indeed, the current domestic situation in the US can be defined by the Covid 19 pandemic, general economic stagnation for the average person, inflation, and some interruptions in supply chains. The American people are being inundated with pro-vaccine propaganda and sometimes coercion. But it’s less intense than many other countries where vaccine mandates and police coercion rule the day.

I think the fact that many Americans own guns has kept politicians from overstepping their bounds by enforcing lockdowns and vaccine mandates—but they are certainly flirting with these ideas especially in politically left-leaning urban centers.  The democracy summit is merely a show—it’s meaningless.

Democracy should be defined by its original definition and call it what it is—a theoretical government by the common people. The Zionists, multinational corporations, and corrupt politicians that run the US and the West have nothing to do with the common people. The globalists rely on the blind ignorance of the common people which strengthens the elite through their complicity and indifference.

The New York Times cited a new analysis that “The United States and its allies accounted for a significantly outsized share of global democratic backsliding in the last decade,” and said that Western core elements like election fairness or judicial independence have weakened. I also believe that election fairness and judicial independence is relatively weak in the United States. Politics in the West have become pageants of pomp and circumstance and a way for the commoners to cling to hope or express disgust. No matter who takes executive office, the global agenda remains the same.

As long as the masses play along with these systems, the world will remain in the same dystopic direction. The US is not the leader of world democracy—it’s simply the most prominent military arm of the Western faction of the emerging New World Order. The US has slowly become the Frankenstein monster to Israel’s Dr. Frankenstein. The US fights Israel’s wars, transfers technologies to them, stabs itself in the back for them as we saw on 9/11, provides trillions in aid either directly or through bank interest and the IRS, while being inundated with their agenda-driven mass media. The US possesses the world’s most powerful military—but through bribery and corruption doesn’t even control its own foreign affairs to any significant degree.


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