American Society: Where the System Is Fundamentally Flawed by Design

On the domestic U.S. level, international crime syndicates overwhelmingly targeted BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of color) and protected white interests by funneling narcotics into poor, predominantly BIPOC communities and inner city ghettoes, and then simultaneously criminalized the expendable victims of their policies and schemes and protected the (mostly) white individuals, organizations and corporations that kept the drugs pipeline open. The dirty tricks of the intelligence operatives merged with the lawlessness of the crime syndicates and protection was assured often under the false cover ‘National Security’. 

Most of the agents and operatives and their protectors behind-the-scenes were —and still are —conservative, right-wing, pro-fascist and anti-communist, and they exploited their contacts and the white-power mass media to serve nefarious interests.  One of their most stellar achievements was the Cold War: whipping up the specter of the Red Menace overtaking free enterprise and instilling communism all over the world.  Dealing in fear, they used psychological warfare to manipulate and deceive the western masses, and to manufacture the public consent for dirty wars, crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.  

Their tactics included promulgating outright lies, discrediting or destroying legitimate social movements, or fabricating stories, planting “evidence” and setting up fall guys to destroy political opponents, and they ran/run campaigns of psychological warfare, meanwhile they are funding, arming and training “counter-insurgencies” or “counter-terror” networks abroad. The scale and magnitude of the deceptions, the kinds and nature of the terrorism deployed, and the righteousness and dismissiveness of it all, are beyond the comprehension of the ordinary citizen who, even if they did know and understand what has been done in the name of their liberty and freedom.

This is the modus operandi of the western intelligence and defense establishment today.  The federal and state police forces, in concert with the U.S. legal system, have served — and continue to serve— a criminal injustice system that protects and enshrines white power and privilege, profits and property theft, achieved through the most horrible and sometimes unspeakable crimes.

Just as post-Reconstruction laws were promulgated to criminalize BIPOC for the most minor or trumped up offenses, so too was the criminal justice system designed to criminalize BIPOC for even the most minor drug offenses. In 1937, for example, when the U.S. government enacted laws making the sale and possession of marijuana illegal, this created a new class of criminal and set the stage for the greater criminalization if BIPOC. At the same time as the white power system was conspiring to target BIPOC for drug offenses, they birthed and spread the myth that marijuana led to heroin addiction.

From at least the 1920s, the most powerful people in the U.S. government and the espionage Establishment, in league with the scions of powerful corporations and Wall Street robber-barons, have protected drug smugglers if it served the ‘national interest’ and targeted them if it didn’t. These interests have trafficked in other contraband, including endangered species, weapons, women and children. They have also used their privileges and their power to gain political favors, arrange early parole or reduced prison sentences for habitual murderers, secure high-level pardons for some of the world’s most unethical and immoral criminals, and —for example—to leverage State Supreme Court appointments for their cronies.

With the rise of the Civil Rights movement these organized crime syndicates began targeting BIPOC through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELLPRO). While the corporate mass media sold the public on false narratives about black violence and drug dealing, the FBI targeted individual black leaders, black institutions, and even black communities.  The U.S. intelligence apparatus (FBI, CIA, FBN) fabricated evidence and stories to frame and destroy the Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement, or anyone who fell into their sights, and the mass media published fabricated stories that completed the cycle and closed the circle to protect the most powerful individuals and white power interests. (1)

America’s organized crime intelligence networks colluded and conspired to ship opium and morphine acquired through Mafioso channels directly from Fort Knox to the big pharmaceutical corporations. 

The western propaganda apparatus has universally served the interests of this white power structure, ever peddling the myths of freedom and democracy, manufacturing sensational publicity or publishing fabricated stories planted by the spooks. It was de rigeur for the white power system to deflect attention from its misdeeds by framing a popular black celebrity, and then sensationalizing the case, as occurred with many Black jazz musicians like Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker.(2)

These problems will not be solved by either of the two American parties, and they will not be solved by the white man or the black women Vice-presidents. The system is fundamentally flawed, by design.  There is a domestic war against black people, indigenous people and people of color, and there will be no justice and no peace without first confronting the true history and exposing the falsified historiography of racial terror at home and abroad. This terror occupies and informs the consciousness of people of color, the survivors.  They have much to be angry for, and their anger is appropriate, righteous and justified.


1. Churchill, Ward & Vander Wall, Jim (1990). Agents of Repression: The FBIs Secret Wars Against the American Indian Movement and the Black Panther Party, South End Press.
2. Valentine, Douglas (2004). The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America’s War on Drugs, Verso. p. 52.


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