Amir Mohammad Esmaili

Amir Mohammad Esmaili is a graduate student of Political Science and Islamic Studies from Imam Sadiq University, Tehran. His research interests include International Relations, West Asian Studies, Foreign Policy of Iran, and Media and Politics. He has released a number of academic works in these areas, including recent book entitled “E’temade Nafarjam”. As a lecturer, Amir has also taken part to various Iranian and international conferences, symposiums and workshops. Besides his studies, Amir has experiences different professional atmospheres which have related to his research interests, including being reporter and columnist in some popular Iranian News organizations and newspaper, being researcher and project manager in Iranian Official Broadcasting, doing an internship in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chief Editor in Journal of the Scientific Society of the Islamic Thoughts and Political Science. His languages skills in English, Arabic, Persian and French have enabled him to explore among different cross-cultural communities and their resources.