Failure of American Imperialist Ambitions in the Middle East: When the Magic Turned against the Magician

I think that talking about the features of the axis of resistance demand describing the enemy, which is marked with all the characteristics of oppression and arrogance, meaning that it is a vengeful enemy that wants to eradicate every rejecting Western hegemony from the world. This is what gives the resistance a greater advantage. This is the enemy that does not stand strength in its face. He is facing by a wall of challenge.

What differentiates the axis of resistance is this great association with major values. What makes the resistance fighters make championships despite the unequal power, This is an axis that contradict the law of physics, Where what is considered a small force was able to repel aggression on multiple fronts.  In terms of weapons, what is here cannot be compared to what is there.

This model has succeeded in the region because it inspired its strength from the major values, which the enemy does not have, the power of the axis in what can be called spirituality in its great sense, and it is possible to speak about the similarity of liberation theology, where liberation of man is a priority and the rejection of the functional interpretation of religion.  I add another point that is the patience, which freed the resistance’s capabilities from dependency, making it highly productive.

The transformation of the axis of resistance of this kind in recent years has made him a major actor in geopolitical equations not only in West Asia, because his action here is governed by geography but in the world, so it is not easy to challenge American arrogance for the sake of actual solidarity with Bolivarian, Venezuela, which was not taken into account. This was not in the minds of Washington and who could raise the banner of challenge in its face?

The Accurate follower of what happened and is going on in the region understands that the objective of all this conflict is to strike the axis of resistance, because it threatens American arrogance, without which it will return to its geographical borders and its natural size. The objective of the so-called Arab Spring was nothing but to dismantle this axis and isolate its components until they are eliminated, but the magic turned against the magician, as the axis turned the crisis into an opportunity, and it was not as strong as it is today, as if the war imposed on Syria, despite the victims and sacrifices, was a tool To refine the capabilities of the Axis of Resistance as it became more stonger than ever before.

The process of normalization between Israel and the Arab countries was supposed to come out to the public after confirming the deal of the century, which was confronted with the resistance of Syria, as it is not possible to achieve this deal with the presence of a reluctance state and the presence of the resistance in southern Lebanon, and since the plan failed, an attempt was made by Trump, was to save his allies in the region, but the failure of the project has made the normalization operations was not but folklore, no less or more, and will not affect the Palestinian resistance, whose missiles everyone knows that their missiles arrived by the martyr General Qassem Soleimani.

This talk is repeated by many of the Arab media as well, and it hurts one component of the nation, namely the Shiites. It is well known that any media battle needs an ideology in its negative sense, and thus the crisis of Shiite penetration or Shiite expansion has been used in Arab countries, even in countries where there is a Shiite component from the beginning of Islamic history.

But when we look at the objective of the battle, we find that this axis is not limited to one component without another, and in the Palestinian factions there are Sunni, Christian and secular components, and Syrian is a secular state. But what unites all of them is confronting America and its functional tools in region.

Resistance is not a walk in a comfortable space, but a self-sacrifice in order for the Ummah to live in dignity. As long as the war is open, the register of martyrs is open. The enemy believes that by assassinating the leaders, the resistance will collapse and disintegrate. But martyrdom is a way to victory, as it is an inspiration to the resistance fighters.

If imperialism knew that the martyrdom of the revolutionary general Qassem Soleimani would end with their decision to leave the region, they would not have been killed.


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