What Is the Scenario behind the Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist?

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a senior Iranian expert specialized in nuclear technology was assassinated in a terrorist attack on Friday afternoon. Iranian officials are well aware that Israeli operatives are the likely culprits and Israel had not denied responsibility. The assassins were obviously seasoned professionals in the Mossad tradition and it’s a tragedy that they were not captured and interrogated. Despite no direct evidence linking the usual suspects, the circumstantial evidence is long-listed. In 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said “remember that name Fakhrizadeh” as he ‘outlined’ Iran’s nuclear program on video. The same Netanyahu that was notorious for his predictive programming in the 1990s when he promoted a Western ‘War on Terror’ that was put into full effect after the Israeli/US terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that were blamed on ‘Islamic fundamentalists.’

Back in January of this year, the US admitted assassinating Iranian General Soleimani and the long-list goes on. Meanwhile, President Trump, likely a one-term president and staunch agent of Israel, likely gave his nod for this assassination as a parting gift to the Zionist state. Israel doesn’t like to get its own hands dirty and with their de facto control of the US government, economy, and media, they don’t have to. Through control of the Federal Reserve System, they can easily finance any operation that attempts to advance their West Asia and globalist agendas without limitations.

The globalist’s immediate goal is regime change in Tehran and absorption of Iran into an emerging one world government with a world capital in Jerusalem. One organization that has been open about these goals is the religious faction Chabad Lubavitch which cites Biblical/Talmudic prophecy as inspiration, justification, and cover for these operations. As we go deeper into this globalist plot, we end up at the doorsteps of some of the ruling families of Europe largely comprised of bloodlines with multi-generationally concentrations of clinical psychopathy. This genetic defect results in people born without the ability to feel empathy, guilt, or remorse. To these psychopaths, starting a bloody war, killing thousands of innocents in a terrorist attack, and assassinating anyone who threatens their globalist agenda, is simply business.

Mossad is extremely skilled at carrying out terrorist operations and assassinations and getting away with it. It also helps when you have the entire US mainstream media behind you in lock step. Some of the Israeli media has been brazen about past attempts to assassinate Fakhrizadeh and some have cheered his demise. In turn, facilitated by the internet, thousands of independent journalists, researchers, analysts, and writers are flourishing despite encroaching censorship. As a result, factual information and challenges to false narratives are reaching a vast audience. This is why Zionist owned social-media has been ramping up its efforts to censor any information that potentially exposes the globalist’s intents and actions and well as their pathologies. In the last two to three decades in particular, the percentage of people who are seeing through the incessant Zionist propaganda and disinformation is growing and this worries the global establishment. This percentage must continue to grow exponentially and rapidly if we are to avoid a one world government dystopia so coveted by the globalists whose operatives assuredly assassinated Fakhrizadeh.

Of course, the entire international community should completely condemn this terrorist act and offer assistance to Iran to help bring the perpetrators to justice. But these crimes stem from the sector of the international community that creates most of the world’s fiat currencies and this keeps the world economy fluid despite its imbalances and criminality. Until the world starts to build new localized economies with long-distance trade for mutual benefit—the world will continue to drink from the fiat currency spigot and remain its slave.

Until the majority of the world’s population wakes up to sociopolitical reality and becomes proactive—the international community will turn its back on any acts of terrorism perpetrated by these globalists who control the money supply. This is a sad state of affairs, but the good news is that more and more people are waking up to various levels of consciousness. Only through this knowledge can we fight this powerful pathological enemy. The globalist psychopaths study us and test us daily—yet most people know little about them or deny their existence outright choosing to believe the false narratives propagated by their controlled media. Once enough people wake up—then and only then can intelligent counterstrategies be formulated and successfully implemented. Until then, don’t expect any condemnation from any government that relies on their fiat money.       

Iran will likely follow through with the usual diplomatic appeals to the UN, which will reap little results, but it will further solidify the biases and illegitimacy of these world organizations. Second, Iran must strengthen and enhance its ability to accurately identify foreign operatives and agents working within Iran to prevent future terrorist attacks. Former Vice President of Iran Mohammad Ali Abtahi stated “Iran’s security strategy should be to find Mossad’s spies and informants.” This is very important for Iran’s interior security.

The most urgent response is dealing directly with the Israeli/US complex in terms of both direct communication and strategic military action. Iran must come to the realization that their enemy’s financiers and many of their politicians are pathological (psychopathic), imperialist, eugenical, and harbor global dystopian aspirations.

Israel has long desired a war with Iran, but first they must orchestrate a false flag event or provoke Iran into a response that they can sell to the world as convincing enough to ‘justify’ an attack. All this information must reach the people of the world so that any attack by the Israeli/US complex on Iran will be seen as a clear act of aggression—even if Iran is provoked into attacking Israel.

The United States has the biggest arsenal of mass destruction in the world. Israel, for a tiny country, has many technological and nuclear advantages over most West Asian nations. This is why the Israeli/US complex is so adamant about curtailing Iran’s nuclear program which Iran has claimed will only be used for peaceful purposes. Iran, its allies, and truth-oriented media, must make the majority of the world understand that the Israeli/US complex are the aggressors. Iran and its allies must use their media to share information with the world’s independent media to disseminate factual and relevant information that counteracts the West’s false narratives, disinformation, and propaganda.    

Lastly, when General Soleimani was assassinated in January, the United States admitted responsibility and Iran responded relatively proportionately. This time, no one has claimed responsibility. This sets up a scenario where an attack on Israel by Iran will be sold to the world as a provocation of war. Iran’s goal must be to convince enough people of the reality on the ground and expose the aggressive pathological nature of the Israeli government and its Western lapdogs to as much of the world’s population as possible. If enough people wake up to sociopolitical reality—the American, British, and Israeli order-followers who are trained for war will refuse to carry out the orders of the psychopaths and uphold their oaths to serve their own people instead of terrorize the rest of the world. These are lofty goals, but this direction is the best chance for peace while avoiding a one-world government pathocracy.


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