Ukraine Conflict and Western Propaganda: Examples of Fake News Unfit to Print and Read

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced the following: “On June 30, in a goodwill move, Russia’s Armed Forces completed their tasks on Snake Island and withdrew the garrison stationed there…The move “demonstrat(es) to the world community that Russia does not interfere with the UN efforts to create a humanitarian corridor for the export of (grain and other) farm produce from Ukraine”

“This decision will not let Kiev indulge in insinuations over an impending food crisis or argue it is impossible to export grain due to Russia’s total control of the northwestern part of the Black Sea…The ball is now in Kiev (regime’s) court…To this day, (Nazi-infested) Ukraine has done nothing to clear the Black Sea near its shores, including seaports’ areas, of naval mines.”

Here’s how NYT fake news covered Russia’s action. Turning truth on its head and trampling on it, the Times falsely headlined: “Ukraine drives Russian forces from Snake Island (sic), a setback for Moscow (sic), saying: “Russian troops…withdr(ew) from Snake Island in the Black Sea after repeated assaults by Ukrainian forces (sic), a move that is a setback for Moscow’s forces (sic) and possibly undermines their control over vital shipping lanes for grain in the Black Sea (sic)…The (nonexistent) retreat (sic) came after sustained Ukrainian attacks (sic) — including with powerful, newly arrived Western weapons (sic) — made it impossible for Russian forces to hold the island (sic), a small speck of land 20 miles off the coast of Odessa.”

No “fleeing” of Russian forces occurred, no effective assault by Ukrainian troops. Disastrous results followed two previous attempts by Kiev to take the island. WaPo fake news mimicked what the Times falsely reported about Snake Island. No “force(d) withdrawal” of Russian forces occurred. No “blitz of Ukrainian artillery, rockets and airstrikes this month forced the Russians to pull out,” as the puppet Zelensky regime falsely claimed.

And this reinvention of reality by former Obama/Biden regime envoy to Russia, neocon hardliner Michael McFaul, tweeting: “Congratulations Ukrainian warriors (sic) on your liberation of Snake Island (sic)!”

And this perversion of reality by the so-called, neocon infested, Institute for the Study of War: “Ukraine’s expulsion of Russian forces from Snake Island (sic) is a significant accomplishment for Kiev (sic) and an important defeat for Russia (sic).”

And this WSJ fake news, falsely headlining: “Russia’s Snake Island Retreat (sic).” And this from National Pentagon Radio (NPR): “Ukraine wins back control over Snake Island (sic).” And this detached from reality/puppet Zelensky fakery: “Significant Snake Island victory (sic) changes situation in Black Sea (sic)”

And this BoJo regime controlled BBC fake news: “Snake Island: Why Russia couldn’t hold on to strategic Black Sea outcrop (sic).” And this London Guardian fake news: “Ukraine pushes Russian forces from strategic Snake Island (sic)…Winning back (sic) vital Black Sea island (sic) could weaken any future Russia coastal land attack (sic).”

And this from hegemon USA’s RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty state-approved propaganda: Nazi-infested “Ukraine says its forces have forced Russian troops off Snake Island in the Black Sea (sic)”. And this so-called Business Insider perversion of reality: “Satellite images taken after Ukraine regained control of Snake Island showed destruction left behind by Russian troops (sic).”

Russia’s withdrawal from Snake Island was for political reasons, unrelated to strategic aims of its ongoing SMO. Kiev cannot use its 42 acres for military purposes. If tries, Russian missiles and rockets will destroy whatever it may install.

Separately on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov said the following: Hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes aim “to impose (their) dictatorship on everyone, issuing ultimatums and not shunning any methods of subjugation… The future of the world order is really at stake, and we will return to the roots and in practice we will uphold the principles of the UN Charter, first and foremost principle of the sovereign equality of States… Otherwise, the world will be plunged into longterm chaos…Our choice is clear…We stand for unconditional respect of international law, and we will defend this position together with our Belarusian and other allies.”


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