The Ukraine Conflict: Western Lust for World Dominance and Power

The Ukraine conflict has been a proxy war in the planning since the 1990s when the United States gleefully anticipated being able to stab into the underbelly of Russia, rip it open and politically dismember it, and then cannibalize Russia’s natural resources.  The players were essentially the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel (which had a dream of resurrecting the Khazarian Empire using non-religious people claiming to be Jews) and NATO countries beholden to the U.S. bribes they had become addicted to.  Additionally, the Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican, the Pope, and Masonic groups had supported the hostility against Russia and its Russian Orthodox Church—with the Roman Catholic Church considers an existential threat.

This Western lust for world dominance and power—which always carries with it the inevitable enslavement or destruction of people, cultures, and nations that refuse to be subjugated—has animated the tension and conflict in Ukraine ever since.  The West had hoped to tear Ukraine away from the sphere of influence of Russia and establish it as a military insertion base for chaos color revolutions and corruption directly into the underbelly of Russia.  This was to be orchestrated in a series of phases. 

The first phase was political disruption.  This would be achieved through the disintegration of any pro-Russian media, politicians, academics, businesses, and religions and non-governmental organizations, and reconstituting them CIA, MI6, Mossad agents and informants. 

At the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Russia was essentially in political and economic disarray.  Russia was unprepared and not expecting the malice, deceit, and passive aggressive policies of the West. Instead of a welcoming open-arms reception where Russia would, at last, be reunited with the Anglo-Saxon-Caucasian peoples of Europe, Russia was bitterly ignored and even ostracized; and contemptuously mistreated and manipulated and damaged by all U.S. Presidents, including President George Bush, then President Bill Clinton, then President George W. Bush—who orchestrated the fake 911 attacks upon America to launch the Middle East wars—President Barack Obama, and President Biden—whose son Hunter Biden was receiving bribes from Ukraine’s energy company Burisma. Interestingly President Donald Trump was the only U.S. President who tried to initiate a normalizing of relations with Russia, but he was ultimately impeached for it and his landslide re-election stolen from him by corrupt agents in the U.S. government, military, and intelligence agencies.  

Under the Barack Obama Joe Biden regime in 2014 Victoria Nuland John Kerry and the host of other operatives orchestrated a coup d’état using Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham and CIA operations and non-government organizations like the George Soros foundation to purchase media channels thugs mercenary‘s and engage in a color revolution to overthrow President Yanukovych and arrest Ukraine into a NATO orbit which would ultimately enable the west to impregnate it with weapons and hostility against Russia. 

This takeover was successful in 2014 and from that day forward a constant hostility an attack upon Russia began.  The areas of Donetsk and Lugansk and Crimea realized this and consequently declared independence from the newly installed far-right Nazi-Khazarian antagonistic regime. This began eight years of guerrilla warfare against these regions. The suffering of the people was horrendous, and like the ancient Jews of Egypt, crying out to God in their bondage, the people in Eastern Ukraine also cried out to God—and specifically Russia—to rescue them from their horrific hardship and abuse.  

After eight years of pleading and trying to stop the bloodshed and the genocide against Ukraine, similar to what has been happening the people in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the West, the people of Eastern Ukraine were only ignored by the United Nations, the European Union, and NATO—at the instruction of the United States.  Indeed, the international community laughed at Russia and refused to do anything.   

Finally Russia could endure the cries of its people no more and declared Lugansk, Donetsk, and Crimea sovereign, independent republics that Russia would protect from annihilation and genocide.  Anticipating a military offensive by UkraineRussia out of necessity preemptively stepped in and defended the Eastern Ukrainian people from being annihilated from the Western Ukrainian army backed and financed with NATO weapons. 

Ukraine has always been recognized as being part of the Russian tribes and the people have shared family and tradition with the Russian peoples.  Indeed Kiev was the capital of Russia in the Middle Ages.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, and despite the false promises made to Russia by NATO and the United States, NATO began expanding its territory by way of making military alliances—also known as vassal states—with the former Eastern European countries that were part of the Soviet Union previously. This expansion of NATO closer to the borders of Russia has been the primary disruptor and source of tension for Russia, and has ultimately led to the present conflict. 

From Russia’s viewpoint, they view the best way to ensure a peaceful and stable Europe is to guarantee that certain countries should remain neutral, like Switzerland.  A neutral nation is neither hostile towards Russia or Europe and allows a buffer zone where weapon systems are to be deployed.  This environment of neutrality essentially ensures that no NATO or Russian military aggression or invasion will occur.  Sadly, however, this is intolerable to the champions of democracy—the U.S. and NATO–who resemble zealots and fanatics of dominance and control rather than saviors of sovereignty, peace, and freedom.  

The NATO western US-dominated agenda has obsessively sought to disintegrate Russia as a political nation, and then dismember it from its natural resources of gas, oil, precious metals, and mineral resources. Instead of a gentle and mutually agreeable political marriage of peace and tranquility where nations embrace in mutual respect and sovereignty, the United States has instead sought to violently rape Russia and devour it. However, it seems Russia is waking up to this bloody betrayal and evil agenda and is taking action to defend itself, so that this never happens again.


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