The Ukraine Conflict: A Life or Death Struggle for Russia

Russia’s superior military tactics capabilities and weapon systems and trained personnel are taking control of Ukraine and eliminating the NATO US British backed mercenary‘s that were completely inept and incapable of challenging Russia. However, one of the most interesting developments has been the NATO-U.S.-British European Union reaction to Russia’s military victory.  In essence what we’ve seen is the West completely coming apart and hysterically engaging in futile propaganda and suicidal economic sanctions that will essentially do tremendous harm to the population and industries of Europe and the United States instead.

Historically, Russia has been experiencing U.S. driven economic sanctions and hardships for the last 10 years, and as a result its leaders and people have developed the strength of character and focus and self-reliance that has made it able to withstand these pressures.

Contrarily, the NATO and European nations have never been exposed to such hardships and will most likely fall into a sense of shock and panic as they begin to feel the sting of sanctions and subsequent material scarcity.  This will lead to an emotional collapse of Europe and NATO nations as their people become painfully aware of the ruin and hardship their own government leaders are subjecting them to, and the vanity and foolishness of these policies. 

The European and NATO citizenry will then begin to become increasingly hostile against their own governments for forcing these hardships on the room people and this aggression and hostility towards their own government leaders will motivate the citizens to seek and elect new leaders who will in turn declare their intent to end this conflict and reconnect with Russia and disconnect from the United States NATO (UK) dominated control.

Russia may even quicken this political metamorphosis of the West by developing a new coalition of oil producing of nations involving Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and others.  This would form an alternative to OPEC which would quickly weaken and nullify the Saudi Arabian oil industry.  This would instantly quicken the Saudi‘s departure from the Petro-dollar, and direct it to peace negotiations with Yemen and Iran.

Saudi Arabia realizes its survival is on the line, and is therefore open to any new arrangements that would enable its political sustainability and economic life.  Since the Saudi political regime is very susceptible to disintegration as a result of any new oil coalitions that Russia may put together, it may even agree to become neutral and not provide oil to fuel the endless war machine of the West, if given guarantees of non-intervention from Iran and Russia. 

Additionally Russia could create non-hostility agreements with individual European nations and essentially checkmate and disintegrate NATO and the European Union from within and return it to its original design which was a non-economic union that simply recognized and allowed easy travel between European peoples and nations.

It is claimed that Russia’s Achilles heel might be its economy as, the West is preparing large-scale sanctions against Russia; but Russia is very capable of withstanding the economic sanctions because it has been experiencing hardship and pressure imposed upon them by the United States for the last 10 years.  This has been part of a broader economic war that has also now combined a military proxy war, an information war of propaganda from the media, and a diplomatic war from political circles at the United Nations, the European Union, an America and Great Britain which have been constantly harassing criticizing and negatively characterizing Russia.

However Russia has developed a very thick political skin and immune system, and now has a resolve and a determination to endure.  In essence Russia sees this is a life or death struggle that it cannot acquiesce to, surrender or bow down to, or retreat from. Russia now realizes the West has no good intentions for friendship, nor does it want tolerance or mutual existence but a rather has a diabolical obsession for containment and eventual cannibalization of Russia.  This is most relatively seen in its DNA biological weapons factories that the United States in the United Kingdom and Israel were helping plant in Ukraine.

Russia knew many years prior that the United States agenda was to develop biological chemical weapons technology in factories that had planted in Ukraine and use those factories to develop strains of biological germ warfare that could be delivered into the Russian ethnic DNA and ultimately create tremendous damage among the population. This is nothing less than a crime of human against humanity and must be seen and judged and prosecuted as an act of genocide and all persons and agencies and governments associated with this terrible act must be brought to international justice as they will be by God himself one day.


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