The Secret Lobbies in the US Are the Real Danger for the World

The US elections are over, the Western World and the lobbies in the US are quick to declare, that Joe Biden has won the elections, even before the votes were counted completely and even before Trump finished his court cases against, what he called fraud in the voting machines, according to him they used the Hammer and Scorehead program, which was developed during the ‘War on Terror‘, designed by a (now) Whistle blower from the US Department of Defense.

Who are these secret Lobbies? The first major player is the World Economic Forum (WEF), we‘re political leaders of the Western world, get their instructions every year in Davos, Switzerland. The key players of this Organization is their leader Klaus Schwab, an 83 old German citizen and the Crown Prince of England, Prince Charles. They unfold their plans and this year, is the year of the ‘Great Reset‘, which should be implemented by spring 2021 and finished by 2025. They want to call it a ‘green revolution‘, we‘re all fossil fuels are eliminated, industry eliminated and as a consequence millions of people unemployed, leading to poverty and hunger.

Their plan is to introduce a base-income for everyone and how terrible it sounds, to reduce the world population by a few billion. It‘s hard to believe, but you see it happening right now, in front of your eyes. They organized students and called it; Fridays for Future, a new organization, to inspire young people to demonstrate, with their leader, a girl named Greta Thunberg. These influential lobbies use children all the time, like they did in Syria, with the Twitter-girl Bana. Exploitation of children, I would call it.

The second most influential lobby is the Open Society Foundation, run by George Soros (an American Hungarian born Zionist-Jew), they encourage people from war-torn countries like Syria, Libya and Iraq to emigrate to the Western world (Europe) in the US similar scenarios are happening by migration from South-American countries to the US. The plan from Soros is no borders, mixing all people, if there is struggle, they conduct a ‘color-revolution‘, like in Ukraine and now Belarus. They promise the people a better economic situation and so-called democracy, infiltrate the youth and students. Once the coup is successful, the people get poorer, because, the real aim is to make them ‘slaves‘ of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an UN-related organization, the country is then in deep debt and has to repay their debts, which is nearly impossible, so the economic situation will be more terrible for the citizens of that particular country, a good example is again Ukraine, we‘re Oligarchs sized power after the Maidan coup in 2014. Also, Soros is funding Black Life Matters (BLM), to destabilize the US and Europe, for their ideology of a mixed-society and to control the masses. They call this the New World Order (NWO), based on control and mass-surveillance.

Another very influential lobby, is runned by a perhaps a single person the British George Mark Malloch Brown or Baron Malloch-Brown, he is more influential (more secretly) than George Soros, unknown to many people, he is the driving force behind many things  for instance the Russia-gate in England (Skripalls). Malloch Brown was the lead international partner at the US-based Sawyer-Miller Group communications consultancy the Group was among the first communication consultants to use US-style election campaign methods for foreign governments, Malloch Brown focused much of his public relations energies on advising politicians in Latin America, Philippines, former Eastern Europe and Russia. He is perhaps the most high-ranking MI5-MI6 agent for the British Empire, maybe more important than George Soros, because many people know Soros, but never heard from Malloch Brown. The British Empire is still alive and a combination of UK and US collaboration. Actually the whole Western world is involved.

The most influential lobby in the US is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), every President of the US needs the approval of AIPAC, before he takes office. Many members of AIPAC are rich, very rich, like George Soros , the Rotschilds, the Rockefellers and the Bloomberg‘s, they are financing all incoming Presidents (campaign). They are hard-core Zionists, which is different from being Jewish. Jewish is a religion, Zionist are mostly non-religious and could be Jews, Christians and even Muslim (Saudi Arabia). Without their consensus you will not be President of the US, or Senator. Without their approval Trump could not have been President, like Joe Biden or all other Presidents before them.

They are the driving force behind the destabilization of Iran and Syria, the extinsion of the Palestinian people, to reivive their dream of a ‚‘greater-Israel, to steal large parts of land in the Middle-East, they have laid-out their plans in the Yinon-plan, which clearly indicating their plans to steal land. The Israeli Secret Service is the most fearsome they have killed many people in a secretive way during the past decades. Irianian scientist are a good example, killed openly on the streets. Also, members of Hamas a Palestinian resistance Organization, based in Gaza. They even manage to infiltrate in these organizations.

The oil lobby is, perhaps, the most well-known lobby in the US, in 2019 they have tried to stop the WEF to implement the new ‘green-revolution‘. Major players are Shell (Royal Dutch Oil Company), BP (British Petroleum) and many US politicians are involved in the oil business, like Standard Oil, founded by the immensely rich Rockefeller family in the US. Former US politician vice-President Dick Cheney under the George Bush jr.-administration, has a company called Haliburton. This company is stealing oil from Syria.  The Golan-Heights, stolen illegally by Israel from Syria, is important for oil. Also, DAESH (ISIS) sold the oil to Europe and the US. Turkey illegally led the oil transports during the Syrian conflict to go to Europe. Libya and Nigeria are  examples of how the US and it‘s lobbies steal oil. The theft of oil is still going on in Syria, by the US occupation force.

Another influential lobby is the Bilderberg Foundation, founded by Prince Bernard (+) of the Netherlands, a German prince married to the former Queen of the Netherlands Juliana (+), he was from German decent member of the Schutzstaffel (SS) a fearsome fasict battalion of the German Army during WWII, who killed many people. Every year this powerful Organization has a secret meeting, with all politicians from Europe and the US, where plans are made, like the WEF, an agenda how to rule the world so to speak, wars are made and future candidates to become important politicians are chosen. It has some similarities with Skull and Bones in the US, but this is more like a secret Organization, but maybe we can call them also a lobby, everything is connected.

The last lobby is the Big Pharma, in the US and Europe, who made the COVID-19 virus  political and the new economy. The run on the vaccine can be seen today in the stock market. The refugee-economy is no longer, the War on Terror is over. A new economy has risen the Green-Health economy as I call it, which certainly will have grave consequences for the world, like the former refugee and War on Terror economy. The Big pharma lobby is now the biggest in the Western world and their lobby is very strong, I dare to say all Western economies are involved, the initiator is Bill Gates, the richest man in the US, who is sponsoring through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation all universities and research institution in the US and Europe.


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