The Arab–Israeli Normalization: A Removal of Masks by Arab Monarchies

The 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran was a huge religious political, cultural and national event.  It showed that there was a third way forward (distinct from Western capitalism and communism) and it kicked out the Americans and Western imperialism.

The Revolution opposed, and opposes, the imposition of colonial settlements on the lands of others i.e., in particular, it opposes the racist entity of Israel which, today, is rapidly expanding under the aegis of the USA. Iran stands firm as the leader of opposition to the expansion of Israel.  One day, the overweening arrogance of Israel will lead to its destruction.

Because a rabid Zionism infects the political establishments of the West (particularly the USA) and, at the same time, the corrupt autocracies of the Middle East (e.g., Saudi Arabia) want to suppress any sort of democratic force in, or near, their areas, the consequence is that only Iran stands up in clear brave political and democratic support of the people of Palestine.

Arab-Israel normalisation deal is not a normalisation process but an abnormalisation one. It is contrary to the wishes of most people, incompatible with the basic culture of the region, and a distortion of the true trend of history.

The so-called normalisation process is not only about particular regimes cosying up to Israel as they face a common enemy — the hostility of a big majority in the region — it is also about hiding extreme rich-poor division and how the coming food price inflation (and its disastrous effects on ordinary people) will lead to calls for the ending of regimes. And all this is in addition to the resentment against a settler regime (Israel) oppressing native peoples and attacking others with impunity.

Israel and Arab countries are, of course, trying to create forgetfulness but the Arab memory, and even more so the Islamic memory, easily goes back hundreds of years. Besides, the issue of a free Palestine and Al-Quds is ultimately a religious issue and that is why it will never be forgotten.

The so-called normalisation can be generalised as a group-huddle of Arab, autocratic, killer, anti-democratic regimes intent on suppressing their own peoples and terrified of the increasing regional power of a democratic Iran.

In West Asia the basic conflict is between arrogant autocratic regimes (supported in every way by the USA and the UK) and their own oppressed populations. Because the regimes are hated by their own populations the West Asia region is fundamentally unstable.

There is no limit to the callousness of Israeli and Western policy towards Palesinians, particularly the Gazans. As always, a Zionist-controlled USA and UK plus their Zionist-controlled media are able to ensure that instances of Israeli brutality do not become widely known. Unilateralist power (of the USA using its financial influence, for example) ensures a passivity of organisations whose duty is to be active.

The Western political establishments are Zionist and, in particular, the mainstream media are Zionist.   A natural sense of justice means that most people instinctively feel that the Palestinians are oppressed but, at the same time, the politicians and the newspapers and television are saying that the Palestinians are “terrorists”. So, in practice, Israel is able to continue expanding.

There is definitely an increase in the number of European politicians and officials who understand that Israel is an oppressive, racist entity expanding into the lands of others. However, the Zionists label anybody who opposes the expansion as “anti-Semite” and so the truth is suppressed.

It is not likely that there will be any major change in USA policy under the Biden administration. The USA is behoven to Zionism and its foreign policy is essentially controlled by it.

One of the Great Big Lies propagated by the Western media is that the head-choppers and throat-slitters are Shiite. They are not: they are Wahhabis and all the West’s allies in the region are Sunni.

However, there is some Good News — the Western media are beginning to understand that an Axis of Resistance really does exist and that it has clear majority support and that it will eventually succeed in its aims.


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  1. Khomenei is a zionist that went to school in Russia… Him and Abbas both studied there.

    It’s no longer an open secret, it’s kind of well known now… Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya are controlled by zionist leadership. Khomenei has been a zionist his whole life! Many are starting to even wonder if his name is even Ali Khomenei. Egypt has a mossad agent as president, Russia has a hardcore jewish/zionist president in putin.

    Saudi Arabia & Co, forget about it, they are most zionist then Iran or Egypt leadership. The illusion is coming to an end, they wanted the great reset, they got the great awakening instead!


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