The 57th Anniversary of President John Kennedy’s Assassination: Hidden Dimensions and the Role of Israel

Many Americans have suspected Lyndon Johnson from day one, and many investigators have since identified him as the mastermind of the Dallas coup. Texas was Johnson’s stronghold, and it was him who had planned Kennedy’s trip to Dallas, where he could mobilize high-level accomplices to prepare the ambush. Johnson’s guilt does not contradict Israel’s, it confirms it. Johnson has been Israel’s man all the way, and all his campaigns since 1948 were financed by Zionist fundraiser Abraham Feinberg, who was also a key figure in the Dimona project.

We also know that it was Feinberg who, by mobilizing his contacts in the press, had blackmailed Kennedy into choosing Johnson as vice president. Johnson’s close and secret collaboration with Israel has been revealed over the years. For all he has done for Israel, Johnson regularly receives praise from the international Jewish press. Some Israeli journalists go so far as to claim that Johnson was secretly Jewish.

The USS Liberty affair is proof enough that Johnson was prepared to betray his own country for the sake of Israel. The USS Liberty was an unarmed NSA ship that Israel tried to sink with all its crew during the Six Day War, in an attempt to blame this crime on Egypt. The operation failed, but Johnson covered it up. There is even evidence that he initially prohibited the Sixth Fleet stationed nearby from rescuing the ship. If you add up all that Johnson did for Israel—and the Kennedy assassination is one of it—you can safely consider Johnson to be a sayan, and Israeli agent.

Robert was killed in June 6, 1968, when celebrating his victory at the California primaries, which made him the most likely Democratic nominee for the presidential election. The first thing to understand is that Robert never believed in the official conclusions on the death of his brother, and that he was determined to reopen the investigation once in the White House. These two things have been conclusively demonstrated by David Talbot in his book Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, published in 2007 by Simon & Schuster. Therefore common sense tells us that those who had murdered John had a clear motive to stop Robert from reaching the White House.

Robert was supposedly murdered by a Palestinian man named Sirhan Sirhan. But there are two problems: first, there is evidence that Sirhan was in a hypnotic state when he fired. He claims to have no recollection of his act, and psychiatric examinations have established that he is telling the truth. It is interesting to note that in his recent book Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations, Israeli investigator Ronan Bergman reveals that in 1968, the Israel Defense Forces was experimenting with the possibility of programming assassins through hypnosis. Secondly, ballistic and forensic evidence disprove that Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy, as the fatal bullets were fired from his back, and Robert never turned his back on Sirhan. For these reasons, Robert Kennedy Jr. is now trying to reopen the case.

I cannot here get into more details, but let’s look at it this way: According to the official story, Sirhan killed RFK out of hatred for Israel, because he had read that RFK had promised military aid to Israel. So by using Sirhan, those who orchestrated RFK’s assassination killed two birds with one stone: they got rid of Robert Kennedy, and they stirred a strong anti-Palestinian feeling among Americans at the same time. This in itself does not constitute proof of Israel’s involvement, but if we compare it to the clues leading to Israel in the assassination of John, we have one more reason to suspect the Mossad.

Edward Klein, author of the book The Kennedy Curse, reports that, “according to a story that is told in mystical Jewish circles,” the curse goes back to an incident when John and Robert’s father, Joseph Kennedy, then US Ambassador in London, had once complained about the ostentatious prayers of a group of Hasidic Jews on the deck of a transatlantic liner, as a result of which the rabbi is said to have “put a curse on Kennedy, damning him and all his male offspring to tragic fates.” This is most certainly a legend invented by Klein himself. What is important is the cryptic message of this legend: The Kennedys are murdered as enemies of the Jews. This message is developed in an equally subtle way by another Jewish author, Ronald Kessler, in The Sins of the Father, whose title is a not very discreet reference to a famous verse from the Torah: “I, Yahweh, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me” (Exodus 20:5). Joseph Kennedy’s main sin, according to Kessler, is that “he was a documented anti-Semite and an appeaser of Adolf Hitler.” And it is true that Joseph Kennedy had supported the appeasement policy of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1939, against the warmongering Churchill.

Interestingly, on that sunny day on November 22, 1963, at the precise moment and place when JFK was shot, stood a man named Louie Steven Witt, with a black umbrella who later claimed that he wanted to heckle JFK about his father’s policy of appeasement of Hitler in 1938, since the black umbrella was a well-known symbol of Chamberlain.

I do not believe that the truth about Israel’s crimes can suddenly come into the open in the Western world, given Israel’s control over information there. But it is emerging gradually, through the work of truth seekers, and it is already widely known in countries where Zionist control does not exist. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi publicly expressed his conviction that Ben-Gurion had ordered the assassination of Kennedy, and he even had the audacity to call for an international investigation into this matter before the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, 2009. Paradoxically, I think that if the subject ever comes up in the mainstream it will come from Israel.

 It was Jewish or Israeli journalists who brought into the open the clash between Kennedy and Ben-Gurion over Dimona. I am convinced that the fact that Ben-Gurion ordered the assassination of Kennedy is an open secret in well-informed Jewish circles. As Israelis and American Jews now brag openly about their influence over the world and their right to eliminate those who get in the way of Israel’s grandiose destiny, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day an Israeli journalist publicly credits Ben-Gurion for ridding Israel of that “dangerous Kennedy anti-Semite.”

The documentary “Israel and the Assassiations of the Kennedy Brothers” is available here


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