Such is the American way!

General Qasem Soleimani was – and always will be – a manifestation of the Iranian character and Iranian nation.  He was the epitome of courage, resilience, enterprise and noble purpose.  In all respects his life is a contrast to the patent political and economic corruption of the decaying American system.  He was assassinated by Trump and Pompeo – two swaggering, vainglorious killers – in a dirty, cowardly act in the attempt to make a heavy strike against Iran.

But they did not succeed: all that they did is to deepen the love of the Iranian people for their General.  An extraordinary twenty to twenty five million people participated in the funeral demonstrations.  The sheer size of those demonstrations (nothing like them has been seen since the funeral of Revolution founder Imam Khomeini) tells you not only about General Soleimani but also about the cohesion and moral and political purpose of the society from which he grew. 

Qasem Soleimani was posing no imminent military threat; he was engaged on a diplomatic mission; but, in breach of international law and any sense of morality, the Americans struck him down.  Shame on America!

Moreover, with their usual short-sighted, capricious arrogance, Trump and Pompeo have released a nasty genie – the killing drone genie.  The bleak fact is that the assassination of Qasem Soleimani was the first targeted drone killing of a senior foreign government official on the territory of a third country.  The strike was not approved, or consented to, by the Iraqi government.  Military drones are now widely possessed and so, from now on, many others will be at risk.

But – it may be asked – surely the Americans cannot be that stupid, can they?  Americans like Trump and Pompeo are peaceful, aren’t they? Oh no they’re not!  They are deliberating carrying out their own ghoulish policy and the proof is that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) praised the killing of Qasem Soleimani as ‘a divine intervention’.  Yes, the head-choppers and throat-slitters know that the Americans are on their side!

Apart from trying to weaken Iran and support the head-choppers, did Trump and Pompeo have any other motive for their dastardly act?  A recent event indicates that they did.  Early in December the Americans put sanctions on Iran’s AlMustafa InternationalUniversity.  Yet universities are essentially intellectual structures representing ideas, knowledge and beliefs: in short, they are not military threats. 

So what in the world of academia worries Trump and Pompeo?  It is not as if either of them could ever be described as intellectuals – insensitive bone-headed thugs is more like it….. But even thugs can be sensitive to things which can bring positive change and, by assassinating General Soleimani, the Americans were trying to stop a long term challenge to arrogant hegemony.  Thus in the universities, seminaries and other institutions of Iran today there is arising a new thinking which will one day, in a peaceful, consensual way, put an end to the spite and viciousness of the Trumps and Pompeos who will be dishonoured by history for what they are – scum.

What of the Europeans?  Where do they stand?  Alas, just as the Europeans did not have the courage to stand up against Trump’s rejection of the JCPOA nuclear treaty so they did not have the courage to protest the assassination of the one man, Qasem Soleimani, who, more than anybody else, fought against Daesh and the takfiri killers.  Indeed, UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab loyally backed the assassination by declaring it to be ‘self-defence’.

Yet there is nothing really surprising in Raab’s declaration.  Qasem Soleimani originally made his name as a resourceful and courageous fighter and then charismatic commander in the 1980-88 war against Saddam Hussein.  And who backed Saddam Hussein?  Who supplied the arms, the finance and, yes, the chemicals for the poison gas?  It was the Americans and Saudis loyally supported by the Europeans!  Deep down – actually, it’s not deep down, it’s right on the surface – the Americans and the Europeans hate what Iran stands for and, above all, that is independence – independence in all forms, national, social, political, religious, cultural, and economic.  They hate it and so, without a shred of dignity, they end up justifying a despicable act.

What of the future?  Is anything better to be expected from Biden and Harris?  The signs are not good.  Biden and Harris are behoven to the Zionists and even the most charitable view of their policy suggests a continuation of American arrogance and bullying.  Thus, without offering an iota of compensation for the many deaths caused by the sanctions and the billions of dollars of economic damage, they say that they want to discuss returning to the JCPOA agreement.  In short, they are condoning the damage and, no doubt, will in future be claiming that it never happened or ‘the price is worth it’ (as was stated by Madeline Albright of the death of half a million Iraqi children).  Such is the American way.

That said, if Biden and Harris really do want a new start, the opportunity is there although the chances of it happening are slim.  The chances are slim because America is locked into friendship with barbaric, medieval, torturing anti-democratic regimes such as Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and the killer-Khalifas in Bahrain.  Yes, instead, of supporting democracy in the West Asia region, the USA is bent on suppressing it and does this at the behest of Zionism which wants the suppression of all West Asian democratic movements.

As the time comes to commemorate the memory of Qasem Soleimani we vow to uphold national and cultural honour and vow to produce the new thinking which will one day produce a better more peaceful world.


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