Inequality and Growing Tyranny in the US

US inequality was institutionalized from inception. Today it’s characterized by growing poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, hunger, unemployment, underemployment, and overall deprivation at a time when the nation’s privileged class never had things better. Both right wings of its war party pursue similar extremist policies that include war on humanity at home and abroad.

For countless millions of poor, unemployed, underemployed, and neglected people, the US is a wasteland of dystopian harshness, deprivation and despair – in breach of the the Constitution’s general welfare clause. Millions of US households struggle to pay rent, service mortgages, cover medical bills, heat homes, and manage other daily expenses.

A largely hidden hunger crisis exists in the world’s richest country. Tens of millions of Americans aren’t sure where the next meal is coming from; over one-fourth of working age Americans are jobless, most others way underemployed earning poverty wages with few or no benefits.

Since the neoliberal 90s in America, things have gotten progressively worse. Among developed countries, the US is the most unequal and uncaring about the vast majority of its people. It has the world’s highest incarceration rate by far, exceeding China’s and India’s, both countries with over four-times the US population. Its youth poverty exceeds other developed nations.

America ranks last among the world’s most well-off countries in terms of labor rights, poverty, safety net protections, wealth, inequality and economic mobility. Among 37 OECD nations, the US ranks 35th in terms of poverty and inequality.

At a time of transition of power from Trump to Biden, inequality in the US is unprecedented with nothing being done to address things longterm, just ineffective tinkering around the edges at a time of mass-immiseration of millions of US households. The world’s richest country doesn’t give a hoot about the vast majority of its people, just its privileged class. Class warfare pits private wealth against public health and welfare. 

Made-in-the-USA covid (aka renamed seasonal flu) made an untenable situation much worse. The grand scheme is all about instituting social control combined with transferring unprecedented amounts of wealth from ordinary people to rich and powerful ones in record time.

Unacceptable lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, and mask-wearing —along with lost jobs and income — caused enormous harm and misery to millions of people so privileged ones can benefit. It caused the Greatest Main Street Depression in US history that’s likely to be protracted. The worst of it likely lies ahead by design. The longer current conditions fester, the more harm done to most people.

US dark forces in cahoots with monied interests and press agent media are enemies of the people. They’re responsible for what’s going on — dark forces in Washington for orchestrating it, monied interests for pursuing maximum profits at the expense of human health and well-being, and mass media for supporting dystopian harshness instead of exposing and condemning it.

The nation I remember long ago as a boy, adolescent, youth, and young adult no longer exists. Dystopian harshness under totalitarian rule on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny replaced it. Americans are systematically lied to by government, monied interests, and their establishment media press agents. The worst of times in my lifetime are occurring now, including systematic loss of fundamental freedoms.

The most perilous time in US history should terrify everyone. It includes endless war on humanity at home and abroad by hot and/or other means against nations unwilling to sell their souls to a higher power in Washington.

Transition from Trump to Biden changed nothing. They differ by party labels alone. Biden is notably hostile toward Russia, China and Iran — nations supporting peace, stability, the rule of law, and cooperative relations with other countries, confrontation with none.

The fate of the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal hangs in the balance. Candidate Biden vowed to return to compliance. Since taking office, he’s gone the other way by making unacceptable demands to be rejected, not accepted. He refuses to lift illegally imposed Trump regime sanctions on Iran that are all about aiming to harm its economy and immiserate its people. No reset with Iran is planned, no olive branch in the interest of furthering world peace and stability, no concern about the enormous harm inflicted on millions of Iranians, notably under Trump.

Dirty US business as usual continuity is longstanding US policy — at home and abroad. That’s how the scourge of US imperialism operates — an unprecedented menace to everyone everywhere. The country I grew up in long ago is unsafe and unfit to live in for the vast majority of its people.


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