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In the series of 21st century wars in West Asia, initiated by Washington in the name of a ‘New Middle East’, resistance forces are prevailing. Like all imperial gambits before it the plan has been to subjugate the entire region – this one in the name of US-led ‘freedom’ – to secure privileged access to its tremendous resources and then dictate terms of access to all other players. On various pretexts Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded and Libya was destroyed. Washington made good use of its client states, Israel and Saudi Arabia, to divide and weaken the independent states and peoples. However, Israel’s attempts to disarm the Lebanese resistance failed, huge Saudiand Qatari-backed proxy wars against Syria and Iraq were eventually put down, the indigenous resistance in Yemen cannot be defeated and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the centre of imperial obsession, remains strong.

The 7th Session: Axis of Resistance in New Regional Order in West Asia: Toward an Integrated and Independent Region?

By Dr. Tim Anderson (Author, Director of the Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies and Former Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney)

19 November 2021, Wednesday, 6:30-7:30 pm IRST

Link to join the session: https://www.skyroom.online/ch/u23243435/icdt

Link to “Axis of Resistance”: Towards an Independent Middle East” by Anderson on ICDT:


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