From Vietnam to Afghanistan: The World’s Tectonic Plates Are Shifting

The American debacle in Afghanistan awoke the world to a great truth — that (with exception of nuclear bombs) American military power is in decline; its diplomatic power is in decline; its economic power is in decline; and its moral authority is in decline. Only one example is needed to illustrate the decline — the recent visit of Kamala Harris to Vietnam saying “America is back again!” Yes, she was saying the crassest thing a person could say to a nation which suffered so terribly from American bombing.

But there’s more. In Vietnam there is a memorial on the site where an American bombing pilot (future Senator John McCain) was shot down i.e. the memorial commemorates the capture of a killer. But, showing she is tone deaf, grossly insensitive and a blithering idiot, Harris visited the memorial and said, “We commemorate his sacrifice in Vietnam as well as the sacrifice of all our men and women in service.” The recent visit of Harris to Vietnam says all that needs to be said about America’s future weak role on the international stage.

Another clear and tangible example is Afghanistan. The U.S. lost more than 2000 soldiers, spent more than $2 trillion, and finally left Afghanistan. Also, in 20 years of occupation, Afghanistan lost more than 200,000 of its citizens, poverty increased by two times. Also, the government lasted only for two weeks after the U.S. departure. The war in Afghanistan was a complete disaster, indeed, a monumental catastrophe. It proves that nobody wants to be occupied by foreign forces particularly if they are arrogant.

The Afghan army was trained by the Americans. It was armed with US-made vehicles and the government was on international bankrolling. However, the government and army collapsed within a couple of weeks and failed to confront the Taliban. There are many reasons including:

  • Hatred of foreign occupying forces;
  • A failure to understand local political structures and traditions;
  • Continuation of corruption;
  • Maintenance of international usury; and
  • Insufferable arrogance.

At the moment, the Taliban do not seem to have the major policy needed to unite a country with regional, tribal and religious differences. Moreover, it is doubtful if the Taliban really understands the role of women in a modern economy and society. There is also an urgent need to spread the real economy to every person in society. So, at first glance, future prospects are not good. However, in one respect, there is an improvement — the elimination of American occupation and a greater involvement of the regional powers.

America invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya. America is in Syria and it backs the ghoulish Saudi Arabia in its slaughter of the Yemenis. America wants to destroy Iran. It also wants to go back to Vietnam. And don’t forget — America supports Zionist Israel as it occupies and annexes the lands of others. All in all, America wants endless wars — although the coming war with China is likely to be quite short — and end in China’s favour.

The world’s tectonic plates are shifting and the major reason is that nobody (who is sane) now trusts the USA to keep to its word and be a reliable partner; even the Saudi elite is having its doubts about American steadfastness.


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