Democracy; Western Pretense to Spread False Narratives and Justify Foreign Invasions

The concept of democracy goes back to ancient antiquity when the word was coined by Athenian philosophers while attempting to list as many existing and theoretical forms of government that they could contemplate. The word is a combination of the ancient Greek words demos (the common people) and kratia (strength, power, or rule), combined they mean “government by the common people or person.” The word democracy entered the English language in the late Sixteenth Century from the French word democratie which in turn came from Late Latin and so on back to ancient Greek.  In recent years many English dictionaries have altered the definition to describe governments that have election systems but rarely if ever does it translate to a government by the common people.

In the United States and with most of its allies, what is called democracy is more of a term used to propagandize the masses into believing they have some control over their own political affairs. Election seasons are filled with pomp and circumstance, distraction, false hope, and misdirected anger—while actual power remains in the hands of a largely permanent oligarchy. The idea that a sizable political entity can be ruled by the common masses is nearly impossible because there is always going to be a small percentage of humans who are obsessed with power and control over resources (both human and material).

This minority is most often clinically psychopathic and they will organize to take control and dictate their desires regardless of which puppets they present for election. Does any powerful nation have the right to define democracy? The ancient Athenian philosophers had the right to define their concept of democracy because they coined the word. I don’t think any modern nation has the moral right to change the original meaning of the word to pacify its population or to attempt to justify an illegal invasion of another country under false pretenses while claiming they are spreading democracy.

US criteria to define some countries as “democratic” while others as “autocratic” works this way, if a country is subservient to Israeli interests and has some form of voting system—they are promoted as a democracy—every other country is accused of being some sort of an autocracy. Yet a country like Saudi Arabia which is openly autocratic is given a free ride because they are cooperative with Israel.

In modern political theory taught in the universities—a democracy is basically considered a country where ‘free’ elections are held and their common people have significant influence in their own affairs. But of course the US has a history of attempting to overthrow election results they don’t happen to like as we saw in Iran and Guatemala in the 1950s, Argentina in the 1970s, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and so on. Democracy is a word the West uses to describe any nation that has a shared interest and an election system. The rest of the world is judged by the US and its allies by common interests regardless of their particular polity.  

The US said it has been spreading democracy across the world. But wherever it goes, it has left wars and chaos and people suffer from poverty. Actually, some believe that democracy is for each country to shape and work through in its own ways, systems and fashions. The US and its close allies attempt to virtue-signal the world with notions of ‘spreading democracy’ while in fact they kill and maim innocent people, depose their leaders, destroy their infrastructures, and take control of their resources. These are some of the actual motivations for invasion—all while advancing the one-world-government agenda.

The US government and its allies have no interest in spreading human rights and freedom to common people. The basic governmental structure of the US is a good model—but it has become highly corrupt and subservient to international bankers, multinational corporations, globalist social-engineers, and Israel. While the US Constitution ‘guarantees’ freedom of the press—it’s mainstream media is run by six corporations all Zionist owned or run. Yet much of the population still thinks they have a free press. When in fact, the mainstream media functions as both a mind-control apparatus and a cover for many illegal and immoral operations by incessantly promoting false narratives.

Since the 1990s the internet has fractured the Zionist media monopoly—but the traditional media still heavily influences a significant percentage of the population—enough to get away with 9/11, subsequent wars, and now bio-psychological-warfare starting in 2019. In the last few years, organizations like the Anti Defamation League (ADL) have placed tremendous pressure on big tech companies to censor the internet for the purposes of burying evidence-based factual information that questions or disproves the Zionist media’s heavily promoted false narratives.


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