Blackout in American Black Community: Welcome to Living in a Democracy!

This country has had latent social and racial issues, but then so has almost every nation. Context is often thrown out the door when it does not fit a ‘requested’ agenda. There is a complete blackout in the US on some of the major problems in the black community, ones which it could have some impact on if it wanted, but chooses to hide. For example, guess who wins the grand prize for shooting police officers in traffic stops, white people or black folks?

Guess who a black person is more likely to be killed by, a racist white person, or another black person? Who to black women fear the most being raped by, a white or a black man? If I told you the black on white rape rate was 50 times higher the white on black rape rate, would you believe me?

Would you believe that that statistic is published annually in the national crime statistics, corporate media has never dared to publish it. I have Confederate ancestors on my mother side, also my Rev War ancestors, so I am in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Anyone who has Confederate ancestors (virtually all Southern families) is eligible to join, but there are two exceptions: Anyone that has been connected to the Ku Klux Klan; and anyone that has been a member of the Communist Party USA

Despite this, SCV members are considered KKK supporters, simply because US media has been relentless in publicizing the false connection. All efforts to supply them the historical correct information is simply ignored. The modern KKK was formed in Indiana, and was a racist organization, but primarily a fascist one serving Republican interests. Virtually no American children are aware of this, as they are not taught about it is school.

The SCV for many years was a quite historical group with about 5000 member nationwide, who met monthly to hear an historical lecture regarding our Civil War. When political correctness came onto the scene, the radical left went looking for victims to support their agenda. Because SCV members had ceremonies honoring the bravery and struggles of their ancestors, where the Confederate Battle Flag was an honorable symbol of all those lost in the horrible war.

But the left transposed that, with the help of media, into a KKK symbol, and published the link endlessly; because they could use it as a wedge issue. And lastly, the most critical social issue in the black community is not racism; it is the subjugation and exploitation of black women and children by black men. 73% of the children are born out of wedlock. Some women have 3, 4, or 5 of them. Various ‘fathers’ come and go. Hence they are trapped in a cycle of welfare living, a mother that can’t work as she is trapped raising children alone.

The worst of the fathers, to come to visit, but only because each child increases the amount of money the mother gets from welfare. And yes, the fathers come to pick up their share, as they contributed half the DNA. They are actually farming their own children. This is a huge social scandal, but media will not print a word of it.

Who does speak out about it? Black conservatives, who despite setting the example that where black children grow up in a two parent family with education and jobs, the children do just fine in life with the example that has been set for them. The work, don’t steal, don’t deal drugs, get educated and get good jobs making the same as white people.

 These black exploitive black people are hated by the moral and successful ones, due to the example they set. And US liberal media supports this, virtually publishing almost nothing comparing the two groups, how they evolved, and how media has twisted how they are presented, purely for political exploitation. The entire black community is portrayed as victims of white racism, despite all of Africa ready to move here tomorrow if they could get in, for the opportunities they know are here.

I will close with a new horrible social issue emerging in the black community; the dream in some families that a family member gets killed by police so the family can possibly share a $20+ million lawsuit prize. It is considered like winning the lotto to get rich. With this unfortunate kid that got killed; it is a sad commentary on him, his family and his friends, that as a tribute to him they said he liked to ‘goof off’. And one of the reasons he can get away with it, is because if he ends up unsuccessful he can blame it all on white racism, conveniently put there for him to use to escape responsibility.

I exposed this on public TV in Atlanta, in my introduction commentaries on my Jim Dean Journal shows. I was never publicly attacked, because every word was true, because I used third party quotes, many from the black community, so I could never be smeared. I used the same tactic later when dealing with the Jewish lobby, using quotes from righteous Jews. I have a whole bookcase of Jewish autobiographies and biographies, filled with endless quotes.

A black person is more likely to be struck by lightning than be shot by a police woman using her revolver when meaning to use her taser. Yet the black community is presenting this as ‘another’ racist event.

If the kid had just gone along with the arrest, his family would have bailed him out and he would have had a court date to deal with his two misdemeanors. His family is more responsible than anyone else because they did not knock some sense into his head while growing up. They enabled him. People see families spoil kids that grow up knuckleheads. Welcome to living in a democracy!


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