Biden Administration and Grim Economic Prospects

One of the best American speeches ever delivered was by Abraham Lincoln at Cooper Union in New York City. In that speech Lincoln tackled the precise question of how America’s founders felt about slavery. No living candidate today could deliver an answer close to Lincoln’s. Since 1776, minorities and women have only flourished and, today, are much better off.

Violence, looking closely at available statistics and removing suicides is not primarily inter-racial. The Founders envisaged a participatory government process in which elected leaders were chiefly part-time players. They would be discouraged to see the limited ways that citizens vote and the gargantuan size and sloth of the political governance class.

America is a Republic, not a Democracy. With their knowledge of ancient history and given the terrible failures of the U.K. after Charles I before the restoration of monarchy, the Founders designed a structure that, in theory protected minority rights and held tyrannical impulses in check with three co-equal branches of federal government. The greatest threat facing America other than financial bankruptcy is intolerance and over-reach by a Biden Administration that lacks a true mandate.

The American system has devolved to a permanent governance class, centered in Washington, DC that believes it is immune from legal jeopardy and unlikely to ever be replaced. A cursory review of the period 1988 to the present shows that most private sector workers are much worse off (considering inflation and after taxes) under a “modern” system that requires staying on top of changing developments most days of each year. In contrast, acolytes of the Swamp get a lucrative book, media and financial deals even when they fail to benefit the American people. Thus must and will change eventually.

The 6 January Committee proceedings are a disgrace on many levels and will alienate independent voters who play ever more important roles in American elections. House rules that call for the minority party (Republicans) or select representatives were violated by Democrats who have only a bare majority in the House. The Committee therefore has questionable legal standing. The majority has also stifled meaningful cross-examination, a fact that is indefensible.

The proceedings likely are popular in corporate-owned media and faculty lounges. All this farce will do is weakening the credibility of Democrats and RINOs further. Inflation is raging. Economic prospects are grim and the Biden Administration is inciting war in numerous Flashpoints. Americans do not need political parties or artificial divisions. We and the world will demand competence in our leaders and oust, then punish malefactors, particularly corrupt ones.

Let us not forget that many Democrats never accepted the George W. Bush 2000 victory or the Trump 2016 victory. America is a remarkable place filled with numerous competent people. It remains critically important that the voting process delivers reliable vote results, with outright fraud a rarity. Looking at “results” so far of Biden and remembering his apathetic, desultory campaign in 2020, one deserves real and credible inquiry into how much fraud may have affected the 2020 result. So far, such an investigation has not happened.

The greatest beneficiaries of Trump’s economic revival were African-Americans, Hispanics and women. They all flourished until the pandemic lockdown. Trump, like most successful business people, quickly figures out what works and what does not work. Those who criticized and impeded Trump are chiefly people who benefit from the status quo. So, of course, they are terrified of him and the looming likelihood he may win in 2024.

Mike Pence is a minor player who, at times, was useful in the Trump Administration. That said, one wonders whether he was and is overly dependent on the Deep State Swamp. In contrast, Trump was and remains a transformative figure who correctly agitated to cut and then right-size bloated government that is not accountable, as it should be, to America’s citizens. One thing is certain if Trump does formally seek a second term–Mike Pence will not be his returning VP.

At present, Americans are actually united in believing that Biden, Congress, the corporate-owned media and academia are on the wrong track and grievously so. Neither Democracy nor our American Republic are at risk. Instead, Americans are disgusted by incompetence and corruption in both established political parties. A wave election looms in 2022 and the Biden Administration is already hobbled. Let us hope Joe Biden and his war impulses can be reversed before conflicts spread out of control.


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