Laurent Guyenot

Laurent Guyénot was born in France in 1960. After graduating as an engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées in Paris, and working in the armaments industry in the United States for two years, he turned to the study of religious history and anthropology. He has earned a PhD in Medieval Studies in La Sorbonne, Paris, and has since authored several groundbreaking books in French on medieval “narrative anthropology,” most recently The Bleeding Spear (2010) and Fairy Death (2011). He has been researching America's “deep history” for the last eight years, and has been a contributor to His book JFK-911 is a signal contribution to our understanding of the common threads linking the two gravest Deep State crimes in American history. He has co-authored a new documentary on Israel’s role in the assassinations of both John and Robert Kennedy.