America’s Long Ago Lost Afghan War

The longest US war of aggression in modern times was lost years ago. At the height of its power post-WW II, the US has been declining for decades, notably after state-sponsored 9/11. It’s the same dynamic that doomed earlier empires in history. The US is in decline because of its imperial arrogance, endless wars against invented enemies, and unwillingness to change.

The long ago founded republic no longer exists. It was replaced by the imperial state, lawless rule, military Keynesianism, ruinous military spending, money printing madness, and war on public health since last year — while vital homeland needs go begging.  US regimes spent hundreds of billions of dollars to arm and equip the Afghan military, along with illegal US occupation of the country — funds poured down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse.

In mid-August, a Saigon moment repeated in the Afghan capital, reminiscent of the Pentagon’s humiliating April 30, 1975 Vietnam embassy rooftop exit after over a decade of aggression. From 1965 – 1973, around eight million tons of bombs were used against Southeast Asia targets, threefold the tonnage in WW II. Millions were massacred, including from Agent Orange, sarin gas and other banned weapons. In all its wars of aggression, US rules of engagement are anything goes.

Post-9/11, millions were killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, mostly civilians in harm’s way. They perished from war, related violence, targeted assassinations, torture, medical neglect and starvation. According to Gideon Polya’s earlier global body count on avoidable deaths, US-led NATO and imperial partners were responsible “over 30 million Muslim deaths from violence or deprivation (including starvation and untreated diseases) in (their) War (OF) Terror” — in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and elsewhere.

In 2012, US Lt. Col Daniel Davis spent weeks in Afghanistan. Assessing things firsthand on the ground, he spoke to US commanders, subordinates, low-ranking soldiers, Afghan security officials, civilians and village elders. His no longer available unclassified report said the following:

How many more men must die in support of a mission that is not succeeding…Senior ranking US military leaders have so distorted the truth when communicating with the US Congress and American people in regards to conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the truth has become unrecognizable…This deception has damaged America’s credibility among both our allies and enemies, severely limiting our ability to reach a political solution to the war in Afghanistan.”

His more damning classified report said: “If the public had access to these classified reports, they would see the dramatic gulf between what is often said in public by our senior leaders and what is actually true behind the scenes…It would be illegal for me to discuss, use, or cite classified material in an open venue, and thus I will not do so.”

He explained that insurgents control “virtually every piece of land beyond eyeshot of a US or International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) base.” Everywhere he visited, “the tactical situation was bad to abysmal.” Afghanistan’s government can’t “provide for the basic needs of the people.” At times, local security forces collude with insurgents. He “witnessed the absence of success on virtually every level.”

Yet endless war continued with no prospect of turning defeat into triumph — while maintaining the illusion of a military solution in the country. After 20 years, US combat troops were withdrawn. Remaining are covert special forces, CIA operatives, paramilitary hired guns, and so-called private military contractors (PMCs) — unless the Taliban are able to drive them out.

As earlier explained, the country is strategically located and resource-rich. The US also wants oil and gas pipelines constructed across its territory. It wants it used as part of a plan to encircle Russia and China, along with maintaining opium production used for heroin.  In the 1990s, the Taliban eliminated it, what’s likely ahead with them in control. Afghanistan has also been a bonanza for money-laundering Western banks and the CIA — profiting greatly from drugs trafficking as a revenue source.

In his book, titled “Freedom Next Time,” John Pilger explained that “(t)hrough all the humanitarian crises in living memory, no country has been abused and suffered more, and none has been helped less than Afghanistan” and its people.

Whatever the outcome of Washington’s longest modern-day war of aggression, their misery is likely to continue — especially as long as US dark forces intend no end of exploiting the country, even with Pentagon troops withdrawn. The Biden regime and Pentagon may continue US forever war on Afghanistan from two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf and/or Arabian Sea. According to an anonymous US navy official, “a lot of the mission is going to fall on” naval forces.

Claims by Biden regime hardliners about concern over the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan left unexplained that the jihadist group fighters are recruited, funded, armed, trained and directed by the Pentagon and CIA. They operate in areas of nations where deployed, transported there by US aircraft, resupplied as needed. Pentagon/CIA operations against in Afghanistan will likely aid them combat the Taliban, along with continuing misery for long-suffering Afghans if what they likely intend goes as planned.

The Biden regime “pledged to continue to launch ‘over the horizon’ airstrikes from drones and manned aircraft.” Pretending to attack Pentagon/CIA supported ISIS foot soldiers, their mission will be all about no end to US forever war on Afghanistan and its people.

Chances of either wing of the US war party turning a page on Afghanistan by walking away are virtually nil. Clearly not after spending trillions of dollars seeking unchallenged control over the country and its resources. It’s been hard-wired US policy for decades — since Jimmy Carter supported mujahideen fighters against Soviet Russia. Forever US war on the country continues by new tactics and familiar ones, by hot war and other means to try regaining what Taliban fighters achieved at its expense.

Will over 40 years of US failure become successful ahead in the graveyard of empires? The US hasn’t won a war since WW II ended over 75 years ago. On all things Afghanistan, that dubious distinction is highly unlikely to change no matter how many more years of war go on and trillions more dollars are spent on “the grand illusion of the American cause” — what the CIA once called Vietnam.


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