American Society and Questioning Imperialist Narratives

The US, UK and those in the international elite have been engaged in the effort to achieve full-spectrum dominance of the rest of the world since before WWII ended.  While of course it began long before, the furious pace at which the imperial project has proceeded since 2001, heedless of all its failures, suggests that the global elite recognize that they have a limited time to achieve dictatorial powers over nations that would resist before it is too late.

The endless push for regime change has caused normally complacent Americans to begin to ask questions that never occurred to them before. The veneer of the ongoing “war on terror” is wearing thin, and the costs of the war on the global majority are starting to show. People are starting to ask why it is the US interest to waste our resources waging supporting genocide against brown and Black people in the name of “freedom” and “democracy” when these are not guaranteed to people of color in the US. Islamophobia is on the wane while antisemitism is growing as the crimes against humanity committed by the US, Israel and their co-conspirators become ever more shameless.

Racism was of course a central feature of the founding of America. Systemic racism is now in sharp focus thanks to Black Americans refusing to have their oppression ignored while they die in droves in the streets of America. Decent white Americans are standing with them. It is not a coincidence that Israel, the last racist settler colonial nation to be established with the consent of the great powers, is facing increasing challenges to its apartheid policies. 

Americans must realize that racism directed against US Blacks is the same malignant force tapped into to justify wars in the Mideast. The goal of those directing these wars is to create a global economic system where none are truly free, regardless of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, or their nation of origin.  In this nightmarish world order, the global elite would dictate the conditions under which the rest of the world lives. Americans must put aside the illusion that what happens on the other side of the world does not affect them. They must help create a unified front against fascism and war in the US and the world.

It is critical that anyone who desires to live free support the Axis of Resistance. Syria, with the help of Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, are holding the line on the advance of the Empire. That is what is necessary to prevent the isolation of those Russia, Iran and China, and Iran. These form the backbone of the resistance to imperial world domination, which is why they are the focus of the effort to eliminate resistance to the imperialist project. Success of the Axis in resisting regime change in Syria will be the turning point in this struggle.

The ascension of Biden to the role of the Current Occupant of the White House does not signal any significant change to US foreign policy. That is dictated by powerful economic actors who finance the campaigns for federal office of those who can be relied on to follow their agenda. Presidents come and go, but the Deep State remains. An outsider like Trump, who in some ways appeared to have a natural inclination against war, was considered a threat to the Empire. This is why he was targeted by a well-orchestrated attempt to create the perception that he was “Putin’s puppet.”

The mainstream media, which is overwhelmingly controlled by five mega-corporations that provide both platform and content for Deep State propaganda, is instrumental in manufacturing consent for war. Together with politicians who owe their offices to those who own those corporations, they put intense pressure on Trump to abandon his plans to reset relations with Russia. Because of the outsized influence of the Zionist lobby and its wealthy backers on who sits in the White House, Trump never really challenged the Zionist agenda; except through ignorance. Even then, he always gave in when push came to shove, just as he did when he tried to normalize relations with Russia. He was the most compliant President in history in acquiescing to the will of the right-wing government of Israel, including their desire to impose a “maximum pressure” strategy to weaken the Iranian government and create popular anger toward it.

Iran is the most dangerous of the three major countries that continue to oppose the Empire. By supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, and elements of the Iraqi government, it provides a potent barrier to Israeli expansionism. It is the only member of the Axis of Resistance that continues to speak for Palestine and champions the rights of Shia in Yemen, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia and wherever they are being oppressed. Iran is hated by the Anglo-American/Israeli alliance that is the face of the global empire. It has been targeted since almost immediately after the revolution (the Reagan regime’s finding it convenient to avoid excess conflict while it was selling arms to Iran fund its illegal aggression in Nicaragua).

The fiction that Iran was pursuing a nuclear weapons program began in the early 80s and has continued to be used to demonize the Islamic Republic ever since, despite a total lack of convincing evidence that it ever existed. A constant stream of innuendo, half-truths and outright lies from Israel and the US have convinced most Americans that Iran is a danger to Israel and the region. A little common sense would lead to the conclusion that even if Iran were willing to ignore Ayatollah Khamenei’s fatwah against nuclear weapons, its leaders would have to be suicidal to attack with one or two nuclear weapons a nation with hundreds.

For reasons that are the subject of some debate, Obama led an effort to make an agreement with Iran to lift sanctions in exchange for limits on Iran’s nuclear research. While some argue that this was part of a strategy to isolate Iranian politicians willing to negotiate with the US (is it ok to say, “The Great Satan?”- I still think the phrase appropriate). After the furor in liberal circles over Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the agreement, most Democrats expected Biden to prioritize returning to it.

Unsurprisingly to those less naive, Biden sabotaged the effort by demanding that Iran come into compliance with the treaty that the US had left before it would agree to come back and negotiate an entirely new one. Nothing works better to block a deal while looking like you are trying to compromise than to make an offer that must be refused. The Israelis have proven masters of that trick since the earliest “peace negotiations,” so it is natural that Biden, a self-proclaimed Zionist, would use the same tactic.

Now we find ourselves at a point where the murderous, illegal sanctions imposed by the US are still in place even though Trump, the Zionist puppet non pareille who Democrats had castigated for violating every norm in American diplomacy regarding Palestine. From Biden’s picks for top positions in the State Department and Netanyahu’s complete satisfaction with their recent phone conversation, it looks like these criminal actions will continue to devastate the Iranian economy, causing untold suffering and death to Iranians who bear no responsibility for the alleged crimes of their government.

 There are some who are trying to make Americans understand that unilateral sanctions that affect the general population are not only acts of war, but war crimes. They need to be made to remember that the Geneva Convention outlawing collective punishment was in response to the Nazis using collectively punishment against any nation that resisted their bid for global domination. In this respect, there is no substantive difference between the “Thousand Year Reich” and the American Empire.


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  1. As you mentioned, the resistance against Syrian regime change policy, was a turning point. Does this resistance impact the Arab spring as well? I mean at least by the distraction of hope among other nations?


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