American National Security Dilemmas: Inventing a Pretext to Pursue Global Hegemony over the World Community

No nation ever matched the extent and duration of grievous human rights abuses by the US — committed at home and abroad virtually daily. Ongoing for centuries, they’re unparalleled in world history. They include exterminating over 100 million Native Americans, the Black African slave trade for 100s of years, followed by 20th and 21st century holocausts against targeted nations and their people.

Post-WW II, millions of North Koreans, Southeast Asians, Central and Latin Americans, Africans, other Asians, Afghans, Yemenis, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Somalis, Palestinians in cahoots with Israel, and others perished from endless US wars by hot and other means. More die daily. Countless millions suffer from US brutality at home and abroad — largely out of sight and mind because establishment media fail to explain what’s vital for everyone to know.

US crimes of war, against humanity, and other human rights abuses include wars of aggression on invented enemies, state terror, homeland totalitarian rule enforced by police state harshness, operating the world’s largest gulag prison system, torture as official policy, topping independent governments, targeted assassinations, money-controlled farcical elections — fantasy democracy, never the real thing, and other abusive practices.

At a time when no foreign threats exist, they’re invented for phony national security reasons as a pretext for pursuing global hegemony over the world community of nations, their resources and populations — by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims. The world’s leading human rights abuser blames others for its own high crimes.

China’s annual reports on US human rights abuses set the record straight on its contempt for the rule of law and indifference toward the rights and welfare of ordinary people at home and abroad. Ahead of its latest report, the Xinhau News Agency indicated the following as reported by China’s Global Times, saying:

 “The 15,000-Chinese-character document details facts regarding Washington’s incompetent pandemic containment leading to tragic outcomes, American democracy’s disorder triggering political chaos, ethnic minorities suffering racial discrimination, continuous social unrest threatening public security, growing polarization between the rich and the poor, aggravating social inequality, and the US trampling on international rules resulting in humanitarian disasters,” adding:

“Compared with the 2019 report on US human rights issued in 2020, which elaborated on issues including the infringement of citizens’ civil rights, the prevalence of money politics, rising income inequality, worsening racial discrimination and growing threats against children, women and immigrants in the US, the 2020 report revealed that many of these issues were severely aggravated by the US’ ‘reckless’ (covid) response.”

Biden escalated Trump’s “reckless response.” In all respects, the US commits major human rights abuses domestically against ordinary Americans and abroad against targeted nations and their populations.

In its documented report on US human rights abuses in 2019, China said the following: The US “continued pointing fingers at and slandering human rights situations in over 190 countries, while blindly ignoring its own serious human rights problems.” “If one takes a glimpse into the human rights situation of the United States…it will not be difficult to find that (its) government, a self-styled ‘human rights defender,’ has a human rights record which is (deeply) flawed.” “(T)he double standards of human rights it pursues are obvious.”

Examples are numerous, including far greater gun violence per capita in America than other developed nation, tens of thousands instances annually, affecting men, women, and children. “Religious intolerance remarks were on the rise,” notably affecting Muslims, falsely claiming they’re “inherently violent or pose an imminent threat” — Big Lies to unjustifiably justify what no just societies tolerate. Big Brother Internet surveillance in the US is a major issue, along with state-approved censorship, “warrantless wiretapping…vacuuming up emails, Facebook messages, Google chats, Skype calls, and the like.”

Big money controls US elections. Americans get the best “democracy” money can buy. Among Western countries, the US has the greatest income inequality. Its super-rich never had things better. The vast majority in the nation struggle to get by, most earning poverty or near-poverty wages with few or no benefits.

Currently under Main Street Depression conditions, over 25% of working-age Americans are jobless. The “land of the free and home of the brave” is pure fantasy. So is “America the beautiful” – except for its privileged few. America’s top 1% owns most of the nation’s wealth, the disparity becoming greater annually. “Nearly half of the American households live in financial difficulties, and 18.5 million Americans live in extreme poverty.”

Hate crimes are at a record high – 7,175 reported by the FBI, 17% more than in 2017, Black Americans harmed most of all, their overall status deplorable. “The median white family has about 10 times as much wealth as the median black family. African Americans are 2.5 times as likely to be in poverty as whites, about twice as likely to be in unemployment as whites, and more than 6 times as likely as whites to be incarcerated.” “The infant mortality rate is 1.3 times higher for African Americans, whose average life expectancy is about 3.5 years shorter than whites.”

“Countless numbers of school shootings occur annually.” “Women are living in fear of sexual harassment and sexual assaults.” “A survey found that 81 percent of women interviewed had experienced some form of sexual harassment, and 27 percent said they had been sexually assaulted.” According to the FBI in 2019, there were an “estimated 1,247,321 violent crimes, including 17,284 incidents of murder, 135,755 rapes, 810,825 aggravated assaults, as well as 319,356 robberies.” “Among the cases, 72.6 percent of murders, 40.6 percent of robberies, and 26.3 percent of aggravated assaults were committed with firearms.”

Press freedom in America deteriorated further, including “journalists attacked, searched, arrested, intercepted at borders, and restricted from publishing public information.”

Washington is corporate occupied territory. Monied interests run the country. House and Senate members serving their interests exclusively, ordinary people exploited and otherwise abused. Poverty is America’s leading growth industry. Over half the nation’s households are financially stressed. Low-income ones lack proper health insurance. They’re either uninsured or way underinsured, unprotected in case of serious illnesses or injuries. Homelessness and hunger get scant attention. The world’s richest country increasingly ignores the needs of its most disadvantaged citizens and residents.

All of the above and more reflected America’s dismal state pre-2020. Last year and currently, things got much worse for ordinary Americans under Main Street economic collapse conditions —exacerbated by hardened police state practices. Worse ahead is likely under diabolical Great Reset plans to transform the US and other nations into ruler-serf societies.

Instead of sounding the alarm, warning the public, and denouncing what’s planned, US-led Western media support it. The US and other Western nations were transformed into unsafe and unfit societies to live in. That’s the reality of their dismal state, things worsening, not improving.


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